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Deniz Sözen


Vienna Soezen, Video-performance                          

Video loop, 2 min 11s

EXHIBITED: Trans Angeles, solo exhibition, Start Gallery, MUSA, Vienna 2015

Currently part of The Collection of contemporary art of the City of Vienna 

Photo Credit:  Martin Bilinovac

Soezen shares her experience of the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, Los Angeles by dressing up in a “dirndl” and wearing a blonde wig playing with the clichés of "Austrian-ness".


While exhaling marijuana smoke live on camera, the artist tells how her place of birth (Vienna) was mistaken as her first name by the Californian receptionist who issued a medical marijuana license for “Vienna Soezen”.


This multi-part installation includes a plastic cannabis plant and a framed California-state license for the consumption of medical marijuana issued for “Vienna Soezen”.


Photo Credit:  Martin Bilinovac

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