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Deniz Sözen


Multi-part installation, dimensions variable 

Hand-made porcelain cups and saucers (unglazed) 

Coffee beans cast in porcelain 

Produced at the Ceramics Research Centre, University of Westminster, London 


Video Projection, DV-Pal Video, 8 min 20 s 


Multi-lingual Soundtrack, 20 min 54 s 

Amharic (Mesfin Ali), Italian (Ileana Di Peri), Egyptian Arabic (Kegham Djeghalian), Turkish (Özlem Ceylan), Cypriot-Greek (Rachel Eleftheriou), Brazilian Portuguese (Alicia Bastos), Colombian Spanish (Maria Campuzano Perez)

Download English Translation >>>

Exhibited: Deniz Soezen: The Art of Un-Belonging, Solo Exhibition. London Gallery West, 2018 

                 Hyphen, group exhibition, AmbikaP3, London, 2019

Trans Plantations (2018) is a multi-part installation of one hundred handmade porcelain cups/saucers and a growing number of coffee beans cast in porcelain in combination with an audio-visual element. The audio recordings in various languages offer different perspectives on coffee and its naturecultural history. The project is concerned with the colonial history and human entanglements with coffee, taking the exploration of belonging further and ultimately beyond the anthropocentric. In accordance with the location, dimensions are variable and the installation may take different shapes. 

Image Credits:

David Freeman, Reka Komoli, Deniz Soezen

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