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Deniz Sözen


Multi-part installation and trilinigual artist book 2014/2015


An eight-channel audio installation feauturing excerpts of interviews with residents of Thai town, Little Armenia and Deniz Sözen’s perspective on the project.



Trans Angeles, solo exhibiton, start gallery, MUSA, Vienna  2015

Mobilizing Memory – Vienna 

Curated by Isin Önol and Ayse Gül Altinay, Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna 2015

Armenien, Shedhalle Tübingen 2015

Jaywalk, group exhibition, MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence 

Mackey Apartments and Garage Top, Los Angeles, USA 2014







Edition: 100, numbered and signed + AP

Size: 100 x 160 mm; japanese binding
Images: 52 videostills from Trans Angeles
Graphic Design: Toledo i Dertschei 

Self Published 2015 Vienna, Austria (1st Edition)
ISBN: 978-3-200-03961-2



The artist book opens with a reflective text on Deniz Soezen’s experience and position as an artist of mixed Austrian-Turkish/European background in Los Angeles. She researches what "official multiculturalism“ may mean in the US/Angeleno context.  Video-stills are juxtaposed with selected quotes from interviews with the residents of Thai and Armenian descent in East Hollywood. The translations are made visible through the thin paper and legible due to japanese binding. The multilayered and multilingual history of Thai Town and Little Armenia is echoed by the experimental and innovative book design.

The tri-lingual artist book in English, Thai and Armenian was developed in response to an audio-visual research-project conceived during the the MAK Schindler scholarship artist residency in Los Angeles. The artistic research is concerned with the psycho-geography, hidden histories and geographical overlapping of officially designated ethnic enclaves Little Armenia and Thai Town in East Hollywood.



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