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2015    Neues aus Heidi-Land – Radio Dönergy 

             Artist talk, University of the Arts, Berlin


2015   Trans Angeles

            Gallery talk with Christian Kravagna, startgallery MUSA Vienna


2014    Art After College

             Artist talk and visiting tutor at the School of Arts and Communication Design, University of Reading


2014   There Are Some Things We Need To Talk About

             Artist talk with Brigitte Kovacs, VbKÖ Vienna


2014    Arbeitsgespräch “fett” Zu künstlerischer Vermittlungsarbeit,

             Talk About Art Education Through Arts

             Kunsthaus, Dresden


2010    Living Across. Spaces of Migration 

             Artist talk with Anna Jermolaewa, Christian Kravagna, Ghazel and Nada Prlja

             Facilitator: Therese Kaufmann


2010    Culture and Location: Fantasies of Belonging in Contemporary Art 

             Austrian Cultural Forum, London 


2009    Art Education I & II

             Lecture-performance, NGBK Berlin


2006    Unveiling Odalisque

             Lecture, Filmriss Festival, Salzburg



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