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Deniz Sözen



Uçan Halım - My Flying Carpet

ucan halim video still.jpg

Installation of handwoven wool carpet

Carpet Size:  135 cm x 190 cm

Video: HDV; approx. 14 min, loop


EXHIBITED: Solo exhibition, die Nische, c/o Maser/Palak-Otzoup, Basel 2012


Curators' Network Meeting, Curated by Andrea Löbel and Jürgen Tabor, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna 2013



Deniz Soezen asked Turkish weavers in the small town of Gördes to translate the design of her own childhood drawing (1987/ Turkey) into a wool carpet. The artist documented this complex process which inevitably led to questions regarding trade and globalization.  The weavers’ perspectives are presented in a short documentary-style video-piece which is shown together with the original childhood drawing and the carpet.

Carpets can be seen as metaphors for migration. The title “Uçan Halım” – “My flying carpet” highlights the aspect of mobility, whilst echoing popular Orientalist cliches.  The project can be considered as a homage to Italian conceptual artist Alighiero e Boetti who used to work with artisan embroiderers in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 1970's.

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