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Deniz Sözen


Kilim Filim

German/Turkish/Persian with English subtitles, 2008


Duration : 13 min 38, DVD-Pal, loop


EXHIBITED:: Living Across-Spaces of Migration, Curated by Christian Kravagna, x:hibit, Vienna 2010

Kilim Filim–a documentary-style video project in collaboration with Sara Hossein. Reasoning about the presence of carpets at documenta12, Sara Hossein and Deniz conceived an alternative art mediation project which provided the base for Kilim Filim shot in summer 2007. The project ties-in with the curatorial concept for the migration of form, which envisages establishing interrelationships and formal parallels between examples of carpets from different origins and contemporary art at documenta12.



Focusing on local carpets in Kassel as the basis for aesthetic investigation, kilim filim intends to explore the cross-cultural transfer of knowledge, the re- ception of (Oriental) carpets and their meaning in different contexts.


Both artists visited twelve participants living in Kassel – of German, Persian, Turkish and Moroccan origin and coming from different professional backgrounds.  These included a carpet trader, textile restorer, an imam of the local mosque, housewives and aficionados.

KILIM FILIM, Installation shot, 2010

The carpets generated a myriad of comments on history, identity, memory, the loss of traditional crafts, globalisation and cultural exchange, concepts of beauty and comfort, home and belonging.



Art Mediation Project,

Camera & Interviews: Deniz Soezen & Sara Hossein

Script & Editing: Deniz Soezen

Sponsor: Fonds Soziokultur

Equipment: Projektmedienzentrum Offener Kanal Kassel

KILIM FILIM, Video-Still 2008

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