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Deniz Sözen


Family Set-Up 2006-2007

Three-dimensional cardboard-objects, mixed-media (oil, acrylic, photographs, textiles, cardboard), various dimensions


EXHIBITED: Platform Junge Kunst, gallery Baeckerstrasse4, Vienna


Public Collection of the Artothek of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture

For this series of objects, photographs of the artist’s family album have been distorted, reworked and transformed into collages and mini-stages.


The artist’s personal archive was also used for the experimental video Odaliske auf Tuchfühlung- eine Schleierfahndung 

English title: Unveiling Odalsque 


This video explores the attributes of various cultures by comparing the headscarf- wearing-habits of the artist’s two grandmothers.  One of Turkish origin, the other of German origin and the use of the veil by other family members.


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